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Welcome to our After School Magic Courses
(for your community)
Created and developed by professional magicians.
Three amazing after school programs for children ages 4 - 12. All instructors are trained and managed by Philip & Henry Productions Inc. Great for camps, schools, daycares and special events. Programs can be extended up to 16 weeks. Enjoy the world of hands on fun and learning with Philip & Henry Productions Inc. All courses are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Gets Children Excited About Learning
  • Builds Child Confidence
  • Develops Creativity

Secrets of Magic

Magical Kids!Discover the "Secrets of Magic" with hands-on help from a professional magician. Build confidence and presentation abilities with these dynamic courses.

Learn some popular illusions and how they are done! Children will also learn "magic" they can perform with everyday objects, such as ropes, paper, beads, cups and balls.

This eight session course will put you on the "road to Magic" soon you will be able to dazzle your friends and family.

Magic Workshops Audio
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Make your puppets talk!

Magic at workHave you ever wanted to make your puppet talk?

In this eight session course you will learn how to make your own puppet and how to make your puppet "come to life"! Techniques like "throwing your voice" will be taught.

Children build their imagination and have "lots of fun" in Making their Puppets Talk!


Clowns R Us
Clowns at Magic Programs
Learn from a professional clown, the drama, magic and fun of being a clown.

Learn how to make animal balloons with music and magic. Become a clown yourself, after we teach you how to put on your "magic make-up"!

This course brings out the "funny personality" in children of all ages.

We bring the magic to you anywhere in North America!

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