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Themes for each show:

The Amazing Magic Show

This magic theme show includes comedy and magic to dazzle audiences of all ages. Reserve today for a magical show that you will never forget. This includes a high energy fun filled 40 minute show with lots of audience participation.
There are many different activities and tricks to thrill all audience members, little ones and big ones included! Some people get excited about football, some people love camping....but just about everybody goes crazy for magic shows. A unique treat, book a show to make your event truly unforgettable.

The Amazing Magic Show

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Safety Education Magic ShowSafety Education Magic Show

Topics covered - You can have fun and think of safety.

  1. School Bus Safety - Make eye contact with the bus driver.
  2. Traffic Safety - Look both ways.
  3. Fire - Never use fire for fun.
  4. The Buddy System - Always have a buddy, the benefits.

Birthday Magic ShowBirthday Magic Show

Yes, the birthday child is the big star for this show. Give your child the gift of magic for his or her birthday. Our professional magician will bring mystery and amazement to your home or party place.

Drug Education Magic Show

This theme show will touch on the following topics. We do not discuss details in the show. It is up to the educators to pick up on the mentioned topics and discuss them further with students. Using magic the magician motivates the students to learn more and stay away from drugs.

Topics covered - Discover you need courage and say "NO"!

  1. Anti-smoking - medical and social problems related to smoking.
  2. Say No to Drugs!
  3. Health/Drugs - Stay healthy and away from drugs.
  4. Motivation/Drugs - Feeling lousy.
  5. Peer Pressure - Do not give in!
  6. Pills - The dangers, stay away.

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Magic Show
Magic ShowMagic ShowMagic Show

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